Awsome picture of Jesus in a cloud

This is a picture that my Grandmother took from an airplane in the early 1980's. She was flying (to or from?) Ohio and Virginia. This is the actual pic. taken out of the airplane window.
What do you see? Please let me know.
Now the strange thing is that, a few years ago I was reading Marilyn Manson's bioagraphy. And in it he says that his Grandmother just so happened to be on the same airplane and took the same picture.
Please let me know what you think.

Jesus in the clouds

Bibleprobe, put me on their website!


This site has some very intresting reading.  I read sessions from it all the time.  This site always brings me insite and it definately makes you think.  (Just remember Jesus Christ is #1)  If you are looking to expand your spiritual mind I recomend you check out this site, it has definately opened my spiritual mind. 

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